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Due to the emergence of COVID-19, the high school basketball season of some teams is about to end early.

The Atlantic City Boys and Girls Team and the Central Town Boys team announced on Wednesday that they will no longer participate in this season’s games.

When the decision was announced, all three teams were at a standstill.

“This is for everyone’s safety,” Viking Boys coach Gene Allen said Wednesday morning. “We would rather make cautious mistakes than Cheap Basketball Jerseys China other mistakes. Many of our children live with their extended family members. We just feel that we have closed it for the best interests of everyone involved.”

The boys in Atlantic City and central towns are scheduled to come back to play on Friday night. The girls in Atlantic City plan to come back next week. This season will end on March 6.

Vikings Sports Director Chris Ford announced Atlantic City’s decision in the memo area Wednesday.

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He wrote: “We believe that it is unsafe for our athletes to return to high-intensity sports after being quarantined for 14 days.” Since there are only a few days left in the season, the risk of injury is too great, making it impossible to return to the court. worth it. ”

Ford said the decision was made after consultation with Allen, girls coach Jason Lantz, principal Barry Caldwell and school coach John Rose.

The middle town sheriff Dave Salvo confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the middle school boy will not return.

Salvo wrote in an article: “Due to the recent positive cases of student covid and the isolation of student athletes and coaches, it is necessary to close the men’s basketball team for the remaining week or so of the season.”

The last time the Viking Boys (6 to 1) and Midtown (1 to 4) met was on February 10th, when Atlantic City won 56-44. The Atlantic City girls (2-5 years old) have not participated in the competition since February 17. Both teams of the Vikings have suspended operations because they have been Cheap Basketball Jerseys For Sale exposed to the virus. During the isolation period, the men’s team’s players tested positive.

Allen said it was a difficult decision, and he admitted that some players were upset. Allen said that both the boys’ and girls’ teams may hold in-team activities next week to honor senior students.

“I won’t say that I feel calm about this,” Allen said of the decision. “I have to look at the children. I try to put myself in the place of the children. We have discussed with those who I really value their opinions, and listened to their scientific insights. I won’t say I am about it. Very satisfied, but from an educational point of view, I am very satisfied with it. I think we have done the best thing for the children.”

The Atlantic City Boys were one of the teams affected when the virus first struck in March last year. The Vikings won the South Jersey Group 4 championship last season, but the virus canceled their state semifinals.

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